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Spring in southern Kazakhstan is a sight to behold when the meadows are covered with fresh grasses and trees and flowers, especially tulips, begin to bloom and fill the air with wonderful aromas. The summer is hot, but the altitude makes the heat more bearable than at sea level, and the average temperatures are pleasantly warm from June to August. The warmest time of the year is generally from mid-July to the end of August, with a peak of 33.9 degrees, with temperatures rarely dropping below 61.4 degrees. There are isolated thunderstorms, so that a few heatwave peaks cannot be excluded. It is mostly sunny, although there are occasional thunderstorms in summer, especially in late spring and early summer.

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit Almaty, the hottest months are July and August, then June. If you are looking for dry weather, it is February, March and then October, but given the humidity, temperatures feel cold for half the year. Based on these values, a "very warm" time for visiting Al Maty is from the end of June to mid-August.

You can also see a few days that do not even reach 10 degrees as the maximum daily temperature, but you should remember that the winter months are a good time to be outside and see the landscape around Almaty. Every time you plan a trip to Kazakhstan, you must make sure you take warm clothes with you and make sure you have enough for the winter to explore the steppes.

Daily maximum temperatures in December are expected to drop by 6 degrees from 36 degrees to 30 degrees, while rarely dropping below 19 degrees and exceeding 48 degrees. The minimum temperature, which is normally measured on the night of December, is usually between 11: 00 and 12: 00 degrees.

The dew point is 4degF (2degC) and the daily maximum values are between 82.3degf and 39.6degf (4.2degc), which feels cool in view of the humidity and wind.

While the temperature typically fluctuates significantly from night to day, the dew point tends to change more slowly. Although temperatures can fall at night, humid nights are usually followed by muggy days, while temperatures typically vary considerably between day and night. The perceived humidity in Almaty does not vary significantly, while the measured humidity, which is muggy, oppressive and miserable, is practically constant at 0.

Due to its altitude, Almaty is more exposed to cold air masses, and despite its southern location, there are 55 days a year. The best time to ski in Almaty is often March 12, when the fresh powder is deep, but you could be in the middle of the winter months or even in early spring.

Winter, on the other hand, is really cold: 6.5 degrees make it one of the coldest capitals in the world. The climate is far north (formerly Petropavlovsk), and while temperatures in the south rarely fall below the low 30 ° C, the lowest temperature is the Northeast, where frost can reach as low as -6 ° F. December is also the third driest month of the year in Almaty and therefore the driest time to visit, with an average temperature of 0.4 degrees Celsius in December.

Note: Due to the tropical climate in Malaysia and Indonesia, the number of rainfall days can be overestimated by a factor of 2.

According to tourism statistics, the best time to visit Almaty in warm weather is mid-June to early September. Although there are months that can be safe from cold and heat, it is hard to visit Kazakhstan. In December, Kazakhstan is one of the warmest places in the world to visit.

If you are planning an international trip this December, you can feel the cold and thrill of your holiday here in Almaty. Here are a few places to visit to make your holiday exciting. This is a must - take a trip to the snowy regions of Kazakhstan and here is a list of the few places you should visit at this time of year to make your trip interesting not only for tourists but also for locals.

Snowboarding is also quite popular in Kazakhstan at this time and you can have fun on the huge ice rinks that have been opened in the city especially in Almaty and Astana. The resort of Chimbulak is one of the most popular ski resorts in Kazakhstan and is also a popular destination for snowboarders and skiers.

Although Kazakhstan is a mammoth country, you will want to do research and make sure that you will never be left without adequate medical care. It is pretty safe there, but there are mishaps, so do your research on your nationality and visa requirements in Kazakhstan and speak up if you are asked. "What should I ask?."

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