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Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev has set the task of inspiring 30% of the country's population to take up sport and bid for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. On December 13 and 14, 2018, a seminar for women athletes in Kazakhstan was organized by the National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan (NOC) and the Olympic and Paralympic Committee of Kazakhstan.

Kazakh athletes have been ranked in the first category at only two major sporting events, which is the norm for champions of sport in most cases (1st category). The Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and London serve as indicators of Kazakh athletes "performance. At the Olympic Games, the athletes from Kazakhstan won 1 silver and 5 bronze medals, which brought the total number of medals won by the Kazakh national team to 8 (4 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze). The most successful were the women's 4x100m relay and the men's 4x400m freestyle relay.

The participation of athletes from Kazakhstan in the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and London has made this sport more popular. As a result, Kazakh athletes, such as the women's 4x100 m freestyle relay and the men's 5x400 m freestyle relay, as well as some other athletes, such as track and field athletes Maya Kuznetsova and Yevgeny Ekaterina, are spreading these sports in Kazakhstan.

The daily work of these seconds has made significant progress for the country's sports organisations. In all these years, cities and republics have become centers for the development of physical culture and sport. The citizens of Kazakhstan play it, various sporting events have been held, sports construction has been restored to its former glory, and various sports venues, such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games, have functioned and become national sports in Kazakhstan. Over the years, the quality of sports infrastructure in Almaty, the capital of Kazakhstan, has improved considerably and has become the national sport in Kazakhstan.

The VI Kazakh Sports Competition, held in Alma-Ata in August 1952, brought together some of the best athletes from Kazakhstan and other countries. According to Ermegiyayev, he won a place at the London Games, set a new sports record and named the Kazakh athletes.

Kazakhstan is also proud to host the 2012 Winter Olympics and has a track record of success at the Olympics and other international sporting events. Kazakhstan has escaped the world for the first time in history, winning a medal at the 2008 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Olympics and the 2010 Sochi (Russia) Olympics.

Astana - Almaty participated in the 7th Asian Winter Games 2011, which brought together teams from 27 countries. Kazakhstan is currently hosting major international tournaments and is hosting the World Boxing Tournaments, which Astana Arlans Kazakhstan team is taking part in. Big sports palaces where they have thousands of fans and participate in fights and championships.

The Kazakhstan National Olympic Committee has opened a permanent exhibition entitled "Olympic Movement in Kazakhstan" and is preparing to open its new headquarters in Astana - Almaty. The organisation has made a significant contribution to the development of sport in Kazakhstan. The students of the school started to participate in international competitions, first with the record holder in swimming Aygalieva Elmira, and then with the first swimmer in the world. A voluntary sports community was established, the digitised coronavirus pandemic was reorganised and the Kazakh National Olympic Committee (OOC) was established.

After the working meeting, the Kazakhstan NOC and UNESCO Almaty decided to strengthen their cooperation in the development of sport - based initiatives in Kazakhstan, followed by the opening of the new headquarters in Astana - Almaty and the establishment of a permanent exhibition. Particular attention will be paid to the development of the "Olympic Movement" among the people of Kazakhstan. Sakiryanov K.K. is a member of both the Kazakhstan National Olympic Committee and the Kazakhstan National UNESCO Committee.

In the first half of his active career, he represented the Soviet Union and later parts of Kazakhstan, but his background gives him a unique perspective on what makes Kazakhstan's sport a success. He first participated in the USSR delegation to the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952. In 1956, the Kazakh athlete Yevgeny Kadyaikin took part in an Olympic team of the USSR in Melbourne.

The Kazakh national ice hockey team competed in the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952 and in Melbourne in 1956, as well as in the Moscow Olympics in 1958. The Kazakh national ice hockey team will participate in the International Ice Hockey Federation (IHF) World Championship in Sochi, Russia, and in the 2010 and 2012 World Championships in St. Petersburg, Ukraine.

Kazakhstan's Bandy National Team (No. 2) is the best in the world and has won bronze medals in many international competitions, including the 2012 edition, when Kazakhstan hosted the tournament [3] on home ice. The last time they won a bronze medal was in 2015 at the IIHF Junior World Championships in St. Petersburg, Ukraine, which included a gold medal for the team from Russia and a silver medal from the United States. Kazakhstan's national team is among the worst in Europe and the second worst of its kind in North America.

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