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In the cosmopolitan city of Almaty it is quite difficult to find a good restaurant, but here are the five best national restaurants in Al maty that are worth trying. If you love Georgian food and want to try some of the best dishes from Kazakhstan and the Caucasus region, then this is a must - visit the AlMaty restaurant for you. From the summer ambience to the soul - soothing delicacies, here you are right if you are looking for a fine restaurant in Almaty. The best dish in Kazakhstan to try and one of our favourite dishes in the country is the "summer dish," a delicious combination of sweet and savoury dishes with a spicy taste.

If you are in this beautiful city, be sure to try the best restaurants in Almaty, which offer not only sumptuous dishes, but also a calming ambience. If you fancy trying authentic Indian dishes, then tandoor is one of AlMaty's good Indian restaurants. Bebe is a popular restaurant in Kazakhstan, where tourists always flock, but also a great place if you feel like enjoying authentic Indian cuisine.

After tasting some of the tastiest Korean delicacies, head to the greener parts of old Almaty. High quality traditional Kazakh dishes, including an old Kazakh main course with mutton and potatoes. This is a great place to try it out because it's so cheap, at about £1 for a main person.

The red zone is the yellow zone, which is part of the central business district of Almaty, the heart of the city center. The area in the Yellow Zone includes the Old Town and parts of the city center and the south - east of the city.

Bars and restaurants in the bustling city centre where you normally stay, such as the bars and cafes in the old town of Almaty. There are a number of Kazakh restaurants specialising in Kazakh food, such as the small fried donuts that are often eaten in Kazakhstan. Chinese restaurants, as well as some of the most popular, for example the famous ginger - fried horse meat restaurant and the restaurant called "Kazakhstan."

If you fancy a late arrival, Kazan is considered one of the best places to enjoy Uighur cuisine in Almaty. There are a number of great restaurants and bars in and around AlMaty, and the convenient location is enhanced by the walking distance to the main attractions.

It's really part of the culture there and gives you the chance to cheat a bit on Central Asian food, but not too much.

From a distance, the glittering dome of the famous Uzbek restaurant Alasha on the outskirts of Almaty can be seen. The menu in the national restaurant Zheti Kazyna is rich, but what I enjoy most is the rich and unique tradition that manifests itself in the cuisine. As for the interior of the restaurant, it has a spacious hall that combines Kazakh and Uzbek elements, creating a certain atmosphere and revealing the spirit of Asia.

As an important commercial and cultural centre of Kazakhstan, Almaty has enchanted its guests with its first-class restaurants, restaurants and hotels, as well as its cultural heritage.

The city is not without excellent restaurants specialising in Russian cuisine, and the Medved Inn is one of the most famous. The restaurant is located in a suburb of Almaty and is very popular with the locals. This restaurant complex, built on the site of a former railway station and a large industrial park, has quickly become one of our favorite restaurants in AlMaty.

The ground floor dining hall is a great place to watch locals browse for caviar, and it is almost always filled with hungry locals. Interestingly, one of the most local experiences you will have in Almaty is the food in this Korean restaurant. This is the largest sushi restaurant in the city, with a wide selection of different types of sushi and one kind of sushi bar. It is also the largest and most popular sushi spot in Almaty and one of the most popular places to get sushi.

This restaurant, which specialises in Kazakh cuisine, is very popular in Almaty because the locals like to prepare it at home. Al maty grocery stores do not have a large selection of imported ingredients, but the ingredients are of high quality. If you eat something that is local and produced in Kazakhstan, it is organic, and you will not find restaurants that happen to be from Chile.

Located on the outskirts of Almaty, this restaurant is worth a visit, even if you have to travel an extra kilometer, although there are two other branches a little further. Al maty has a wealth of international dishes, and the best thing is to eat them in one of the restaurants in the city, as there is good accommodation there. Before you start planning your trip, you can search the city slopes for sights. Make sure you have a well-planned route that includes all the places you visit and the things you can do there.

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