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Kazakhstan, the ninth largest country in the world, hosts some of the most interesting museums, galleries and theatres, which give you an insight into the history and culture of Kazakhstan and its people. We have a list of the 10 best museums in Kazakhstan that you must visit if you are in this country.

The Kasteyev State Art Museum, which houses the largest collection of works of art in Kazakhstan and one of the oldest museums in the world, is trying to get an idea of the visual arts of the Kazakhstan region. The exhibits in the museum give visitors an insight into the history and culture of this country and its people, as well as its cultural heritage.

There are 26 museums in Almaty that you can visit during your long stay in the city, but many smaller museums have information only in Russian. Since the common language in Kazakhstan is Russian, most exhibitions in these museums are in Russian, although an English guide can be printed here.

Opened in 1976, it is the most important art museum in Kazakhstan and can be considered one of the largest in Central Asia. The State Art Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, named after Kasteev, is currently the leading research, cultural and educational centre in Almaty. After the death of its founder in 2006, it was renamed the Central State Museum and can call itself the largest and most renowned museum of art and cultural heritage in Russia.

Almaty also has a museum of the history of political repression, housed in the former KGB building. The Museum of Kazakhstan Arts, named after A. Kasteev, is no less large, with over 20,000 exhibits, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, ceramics, glassware and other art and cultural objects. This unique collection of 300 railway icons is exhibited as a stand in the museum and is one of the largest collections of railway and railway artifacts in Russia. There are 5 different museums, including the Central State Museum, the State Art Museum and the Museum of Art and Cultural Heritage.

This unique museum is dedicated to the outstanding personalities of Kazakhstan who have created the history of the country. The rich, varied and precious collection of the museum provides an insight into the life and work of some of Russia's most important figures, such as Lenin, Stalin and Stalin's son Vladimir Putin.

Samples of mineral resources found in Kazakhstan can be examined in the Museum of Geology of Kazakhstan. A visit to the archaeology of the museum is particularly recommended, which shows the oldest Kazakh relics discovered in the region. Kazakh musical instruments were collected from all over the world, e.g. from the Russian Federation, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, India and other countries.

If that sounds like your style, you can look at the map of the museums of Almaty, but consider this the best museum in Al maty. 300 meters from Furmanov Respublika Alany and in the eastern Panfilov Park is the Archaeological Museum of Kazakhstan, the oldest museum of archaeology in Kazakhstan. You can spend a whole day in this museum and take time to explore the artifacts and their descriptions.

The Archaeological Museum of Kazakhstan, the oldest archaeological museum in Kazakhstan and located in the eastern Panfilov Park in Almaty, is one of the most important archaeological museums in Kazakhstan.

The museum contains over 1000 exhibits and today it houses monuments of the material and intangible culture of the country, which represent the most important cultural heritage of Kazakhstan, as well as the oldest archaeological museum in the world. There we collect Kazakh folk musical instruments used by Kazakhs, such as Kazakh folk music, folk dance and folk songs.

Located in a yurt building in the centre of Almaty, the National History Museum is worth a visit if you want to take a closer look at Kazakhstan's history and the time when dinosaurs roamed. Unique in this type of museum is a single architectural complex that includes all these buildings.

The museum has published a number of articles and scientific papers dealing with questions about Kazakhstan's history and museum research. The seminars and workshops described above, together with the experiences of Kazakh museum staff visiting Washington and Smithsonian museum staff visiting museums in Kazakhstan, have been inspiring in developing a specific joint project. This gallery is able to host a wide range of exhibitions on Kazakhstan's history and museums, as well as a collection of artworks from around the world.

Today, this building houses 5 smaller museums, including the Central State Museum, the National Museum of Kazakh History and Culture and the Kazakh State Library. There is currently a large collection of works of art from Kazakhstan's history and museum research, which has led to the creation of a number of new exhibitions and a new museum gallery. The existing museum with its painting and sculpture collections has been added to the main collection of the Central State Museum.

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