Almaty Kazakhstan Wyndham Hotel

We also have 80 offices in the building, 95% of which are now full, compared to 60% in 2009. The hotel industry in Almaty and Astana is all about the mouse, and the increasing occupancy rates in international comparison attract a wide range of tourists. There is the Wyndham Hotel Group, which operates more than 7,000 hotels worldwide, 900 of which are Ramada hotels.

We have a trainer for each department and train twice a week for seven hours. HR managers who are responsible for staff training must behave and conduct the training every week in seven hours.

One of the main advantages of this hotel is the staff, who work as a team and always strive to work together. The strength of our human resources strategy is based mainly on a positive work environment in which people are motivated to be customers - focused and based on the principles of integrity, community and excellence. As someone who has stayed at this hotel before, what do you tell others about your experience at the Wyndham Hotel in Almaty, Kazakhstan? In 2009, 30 of us were sent to a hotel in Antalya for a three-month internship.

This strategic approach has helped us build a culture of high performance where everyone is committed to the same goal of customer satisfaction. This has led to a positive working environment and a high level of respect for our employees and customers.

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More About Almaty